NYQUEST Camp Canada is an award-winning international staffing organization that recruits skilled young adults from around the world to work at camps across Canada. Jonathan Nyquist started the Camp Canada program in 2005, and with the rest of the team, has significantly expanded the scope of the international camp staffing landscape in Canada since then. We have grown from a single full-time employee and two seasonal employees, to a well-structured team of twelve covering participant recruitment, intake, marketing, placement, work permits, orientations and general camping industry leadership. The current NYQUEST Camp Canada team is made up of individuals from six countries with over 20 collective years of camp experience. Jonathan Nyquist is currently on the Board of Directors in the position of Vice President for the Ontario Camps Association. He is also a member of the Canadian Camping Association Government Relations Committee.




To enhance and diversify staff teams at camps across Canada.

How we do this…

  • Recruit the highest quality international staff
  • Place them in positions at camp where they are most likely to succeed
  • Provide hands-on, personalized support for directors and staff



We believe that high-quality staff are the most important asset of a successful camp.

We believe that successful travel, training and work experiences in the field of outdoor education will have the following positive impacts on an individual:

  • They will learn how to work in a team and develop valuable teaching, communication and leadership skills that they will use in other employment, parenting or relationship building experiences in the future
  • They will learn how to develop healthy communities by teaching children how to interact respectively, care for one another compassionately and solve problems and accomplish goals as a team
  • They will benefit from exchanging cultures with others
  • They will become refreshed by spending time in nature
  • They will benefit from time spent working on public service initiatives and living a physically active life
  • They will learn how to test their own limits, how to make challenging decisions and how to communicate to small and large groups of people
  • They will develop a stronger sense of self-confidence and self-esteem

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