NYQUEST Camp Canada’s Toronto City Guide

Toronto (pop 2.5 million) is widely recognized as one of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities in the world. Whether you have 2 days, 2 weeks or more time to spend here, it is an endlessly exciting place to be. NYQUEST HQ is located in Toronto and all team members currently live in the city, … Continue reading “NYQUEST Camp Canada’s Toronto City Guide”

NYQUEST Camp Canada’s Calgary City Guide

Calgary is the largest city in the province of Alberta, with a population of 1.097 million. This rapidly growing metropolis is located where the Canadian prairies end and the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains begin.   We work with a lot of camps in Alberta, and many of the NYQUEST office staff (myself included) … Continue reading “NYQUEST Camp Canada’s Calgary City Guide”

Falling For Fall

Written By: Claire Norman   Being from Australia, people often say that I’ve never truly experienced all four seasons. Never have I groaned as I’ve looked outside and seen piles of snow on the floor, thinking of how this will inconvenience me on my trip to school, in fact, only once have I looked outside my … Continue reading “Falling For Fall”

Welcome to the team, Bek!

Hi friends! My name is Bek and I am from Fremantle, Western Australia! For the past 5 years, I’ve been living the incredible lifestyle of a working holiday traveller – it has taken me to many places all over the globe, and now here I am working in Toronto as one of the Placement Directors … Continue reading “Welcome to the team, Bek!”

Deep In The Heart Of The North

Written By: Abby McNeill   Somewhere deep in the north I have been hiding away from the real world at a summer camp, living out my childhood dreams of ‘The Parent Trap’. I have read plenty of typical posts about camp counselor experiences, but I’ve never read anything about canoe tripping. Half the people at camp … Continue reading “Deep In The Heart Of The North”

Camp for Children with Learning Disabilities: A Quirky Alternative

Written By: Sammy Schofield   “My left leg’s called Claire!”   It was a hot, sticky lunchtime when a camper declared this statement. Everybody was silent around the table. The staff were overheated and morale was low. It was a tough job trying to keep all the campers happy when you felt grumpy as the sun … Continue reading “Camp for Children with Learning Disabilities: A Quirky Alternative”

Funny Things We See in Applications v.2

Over the past year, we received a massive number of applications from staff all around the globe. While we go over these applications, we pick the funniest and most memorable quotes. Are you ready for volume two? Q: “Do you have any allergies?” A: “Chinese food.” “I have a brother. We don’t look alike at all, … Continue reading “Funny Things We See in Applications v.2”

Anna’s Packing Tips For Summer Camp

Written By: Anna Brady   I don’t think it matters how many questions you ask (before you get to camp or even after you leave), there are always things you wish you had brought with you. Here are some of the top things I wished I had brought and things that I’m glad I did bring. … Continue reading “Anna’s Packing Tips For Summer Camp”

NYQUEST Camp Canada’s Victoria City Guide

Victoria is a city located in British Columbia on Vancouver Island. There are beautiful views of mountains and oceans, and great hiking trails all around. It has a mild climate and is home to about 367,770 people. It is an active population and there is always a lot going on in the inner harbour!   … Continue reading “NYQUEST Camp Canada’s Victoria City Guide”

UK and Ireland Travel Log #5: Dublin

After a short and painless flight, Travis and I made it to Dublin early last Friday morning – our fifth city (and third country) in five days! Even though we were starting to feel the effects of all of the travelling, we were extremely excited to see this incredible city and make the most out … Continue reading “UK and Ireland Travel Log #5: Dublin”

UK & Ireland Travel Log #3 and #4: Dundee and Edinburgh

Travis (Senior Marketing Coordinator) When we first arrived in Edinburgh, we were admittedly a little awestruck. The city is incredible, and just stunning to look at. It may be even possible, dare I say, the Scottish are as nice as Canadians! We couldn’t have felt more at home if we tried.     Although we … Continue reading “UK & Ireland Travel Log #3 and #4: Dundee and Edinburgh”

UK & Ireland Travel Log #2: Manchester

Lauren (Placement Director) Manchester greeted Travis and I with typical cloudy and drizzly British weather, thicker accents, and friendly faces. It’s quite chilly up here – even by Canadian standards! I quickly regretted not packing my toque (translation = Canadian term for beanie/wooly hat). This was both our first times to Manchester, and we found … Continue reading “UK & Ireland Travel Log #2: Manchester”

UK & Ireland Travel Log #1: London

It’s a very exciting time in the NYQUEST Office! Whilst most of us are plugging away in Toronto, two of our comrades are in the UK (and Ireland, in a few days!) running info sessions, alumni socials and generally spreading the word about how great a summer with NYQUEST Camp Canada is!   So, here’s … Continue reading “UK & Ireland Travel Log #1: London”

Camp Canada Job Fairs: How I Got Hired

My Application was complete. My bags were pretty much packed in January. I was extremely excited and ready to go to camp. The thing was, I hadn’t quite got a job offer yet.   I remember noticing that NYQUEST were coming to the UK with a group of camp directors once I’d clicked through the … Continue reading “Camp Canada Job Fairs: How I Got Hired”

5 Reasons Why I Want to Thank Summer Camp

Written By: Michelle Goulter   In 2013 I was 20 years old, I had moved away from my hometown of Millmerran (a small western Queensland country town of only 1500 people) and was dying for an adventure overseas. With very little convincing, I booked a one-way ticket to Canada where I have spent the better half … Continue reading “5 Reasons Why I Want to Thank Summer Camp”

NYQUEST Camp Canada’s Vancouver City Guide

Vancouver is located in beautiful British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada. It boasts a mild climate, stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the North Shore Mountains, as well as an ethnically diverse population (pop. 2.4 million in Greater Vancouver Area).   FOOD –  The food in Vancouver is just as diverse as … Continue reading “NYQUEST Camp Canada’s Vancouver City Guide”

NYQUEST Camp Canada’s Edmonton City Guide

Edmonton (pop. 812,000) is a prairie city in central-West Canada. Known for its mall, which is the largest in North America, housing a full-size ice rink, shooting range and two hotels, Edmonton is gaining even more international attention as it was recently named the eighth best pizza city in the world!   I spent one … Continue reading “NYQUEST Camp Canada’s Edmonton City Guide”


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