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Nyquest are experts in the area of summer camp training placement. These camps generally focus on helping each camper acquire skills in a sport that help them gain confidence and improve their chances of making the team when they return to school The best sports camps (such as the Decathlon Sports Club in Woodside and Los Altos), succeed at challenging and protecting aspiring athletes both mentally and physically and socially You are searching for summer camp training placement. In the United States overnight sports camps fall into three groups Some single-sport camps offer longer sessions These camps are more tailored to youth sports teams because they present an effective solution for school and club teams to receive excellent training on their own schedule at much less of a cost Here are some essential facts about summer camp training placement.

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Many sports camps are of the second type, which focuses almost exclusively on one particular sport You can?t find professional services and solutions of higher quality in the area of summer camp training placement than what Go-Nyquest provides. Many camps also bring children of all ages around the world The Canadian Camping Association (CCA/ACC) represents over 700 camps across Canada There is no need to pay travel or room and board for any of the campers so the costs are often 1/4 to 1/3 of the price of an average overnight sports camp for a similar level of training Some of these programs have a narrow focus in one particular area, while others offer a wide rage of programs
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Summer Camp Job Training and Placement Across Canada

Are you ready for a new challenge? Looking for a chance to spend your summer working at one of the hundreds of amazing summer camps in Canada? NYQUEST Training and Placement is your place to start for summer camp jobs and Canadian adventures.

Each year, NYQUEST recruits, trains and places hundreds of international camp staff at summer camps across Canada. Our staff are committed to find the right staff for the right camp and ensuring that each match is one that works best for both the staff member and the camp.

Whether you're a prospective camp staff member or a camp director, NYQUEST Training and Placement is here to help you make this summer the best it can be.

NYQUEST also runs our own Family Camp and Grandparent-Grandchild Camp each year. These programs are great opportuninty to re-connect with the people you love in one of the greatest places on earth: Camp!

International Camp Training and Staffing
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